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Used Gear Tester Combination

Universal gear testers are special machines used to check the quality and accuracy of gear pairs. They can perform various tests to ensure that gear pairs meet the required specifications. Some of the functions of universal gear testers include: Measuring tooth thickness: the device can measure tooth thickness at various locations on the gear to ensure it is within tolerance limits. Checking the tooth flanks: The device can check the surface quality and contact point of the tooth flanks to ensure that they are correctly shaped and in the correct position. Measurement of tooth backlash: The device can measure the tooth backlash between two pairs of gears to ensure that it is within the tolerance limits. Determination of head and root roundness: The instrument can measure the tip and root roundness of gear pairs to ensure that it is within tolerance limits. Checking the tooth flank topography: The device can measure and graphically display the tooth flank topography of the gear pair to check the contact ratios. Vibration and noise analysis: The instrument can analyze and evaluate vibration and noise of the gear pair to detect any problems. Universal gear testers are usually computer-controlled and can perform high-precision measurements. They are essential for quality assurance of gear pairs, helping to ensure that they meet the required specifications and function flawlessly.