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Used Laser interferometry

Laser interference comparators are measuring devices used in the manufacturing industry to perform precision measurements on components. They are very sensitive optical measuring devices based on the principle of interference of laser beams. The devices work by directing a laser beam through optics onto the object being measured. The reflected beam is then deflected back to the instrument and combined with a reference beam. The interference patterns of these two beams are recorded by a camera and analyzed to measure the deviations of the object being measured from the reference geometry. Laser interference comparators are very accurate and can measure deviations of less than one micrometer. They are often used to measure precision components such as ball bearings, turbine blades or precision shafts. One advantage of laser interference comparators is that they measure without contact, which means they do not touch the object being measured, causing no deformation or damage. They are also very fast and can usually make a measurement within seconds. Another advantage is that they work digitally and the measured values can be displayed directly on a computer screen, which enables fast and precise evaluation.