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Used Planers

A planer is a machine tool used to smooth, plane, and reduce the thickness of wood workpieces. Planers come in a variety of designs, sizes and capacities and are commonly used in the woodworking industry. There are two main types of planers: Surface planers and thickness planers. Surface planers are used to make a workpiece flat and straight by planing one side of the workpiece. Thickness planers are used to reduce the thickness of the workpiece by smoothing the surface of the workpiece. Modern planers are usually equipped with electric motors that drive the planer blades, and often have automatic feed systems to guide the woodwork piece through the machine. There are also planers that are equipped with multiple planing heads to plane the workpiece on both sides, reducing processing time. Planers are essential in the woodworking industry as they allow wood workpieces to be cut to a precise thickness and shape. They are often used in furniture manufacturing, construction and in the production of wood products such as doors, window frames and flooring.

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